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Buy ProElite Smart WiFi Wireless Smoke Detector/Sensor Fire Alarm Buy ProElite Smart WiFi Wireless Smoke Detector/Sensor Fire Alarm Buy ProElite Smart WiFi Wireless Smoke Detector/Sensor Fire Alarm

ProElite Smart WiFi Wireless Smoke Detector/Sensor Fire Alarm

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ProElite Smart WiFi Smoke Sensor

Protect your home from time to time with our smart smoke sensor, which is designed to detect the first signs of danger. With its loud alarm sound and sound and light to remind you to avoid disasters.

Comprehensive use

Use our smoke sensor to work with other devices such as alarm sensors, power switches, and more. Prepare multiple fire extinguishers at home, and when the alarm sounds, you can eliminate the fire in the first time to avoid more serious disasters. Disconnect the main power supply and reduce the acceleration of the fire.

Easy installation

Remove the battery tab before use to allow the battery to activate, you can use it, connect to the mobile phone APP to view the attention at any time.


product description


Battery Specification: CR2 *2PCS ;

*  Battery life :1 year, trigger 2500times ;

* Standby Current:24.8uA ;

* Working current :110mA ;

* Product size : 68mm(L)*68mm(W)*28mm(H).

* Maximum alarm sound:90db;

* Wireless distance:45M ;

* Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz,1T1R .

* app: iOS/Android

* Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT



1. A smoke sensor

2. Two CR2 batteries

3. A manual

  • * Battery-Powered: This Fire detector is powered by two CR2 battery(included), it will not be affected by power outage. You can check the battery level at any time through the mobile app. Battery life is approx 6 months to 1 year
  • * Well-designed - Our smoke sensors are rugged and compact, and can be placed where you want to place them for easy installation. For peace of mind, place the smoke sensor in multiple locations to protect your home and prevent disasters. A loud alarm sound and light are emitted when the smoke sensor is triggered, and notifications will be sent on your mobile phone instantly.
  • * Easy to use and "SmartLife" app - Our smoke sensor does not require a subscription service and an expensive hub. Designed to connect to your Wi-Fi network, simply download the "SmartLife" app on the App Store or Google Play. In the app, you will receive a notification of any alerts. It also allows you to keep an eye on your device's battery level to ensure that the alarm sensor never runs out of power. (Note that the smoke sensor only supports this wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.)
  • *Scene Settings - Our products are connected to the "Smartlife" app and can be viewed at any time. A rough smoke alarm was found. You can set the scene mode on the app and set the scene to be used with other devices (such as alarm sensors, power switch, etc.). (When the smoke is detected, the alarm sensor will give an alarm, control the power switch will turn off your total power supply, etc.)
  • Compaible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home also. Very easy installation. Just download app and configure device with Wifi. After that paste this small device anywhere with help of 3M tape (included) and you are done. No Technical knowledge is required.