Cloud Storage for V380 Cameras (1 year Package)

(SKU ID: AH99D600366)
  • Rs. 699

Please ready carfully below points before buying:

1. Voucher code for activation coud storage will be delivered to your registered email address.

2. This product once delivered can not be returned or cancelled.

3. Make sure your camera firmware is updated to latest and support cloud storage.

4. Make sure you have good internet speed of atleast 4MBPS as data will be uploaded to cloud 24x7

5. This cloud Disk/Storage can only be used for camera using app "V380 PRO".

6. This cloud storage is valid for 1 year from date of activation.


Benefits of cloud storage :

16GB cloud card will record upto 5 days to 16 days 
32GB cloud card will record upto 10 days to 32 days 
64GB cloud card will record upto 21 days to 64 days 
128GB cloud card will record upto 42 days to 128 days 
* When cloud stroage is full, it will auto delete first day recording and will start overwrite.
* If you choose motion recording instead of continuos recording, recording days will be more.
* Every 16GB can bind 1pcs camera, it means if you buy a 32GB cloud card then you can use this card to bind 2pcs camers at same time, if you buy 64GB cloud card then you can use this card to bind 4pcs camers. (If you buy 1PCS of the real TF memory card then you can just bind1PCS camera)
* If our Cloud Card write 16GB then it is the real 16GB capacity, now in the market when you buy a 16GB card but it's capacity is only 10-13GB even some famous brand TF Card,this is due to the technology limited.
* Cloud storage can not be damaged, but the real SD card when you use it for a long time, it will be easily get corrupted.
* Videos save on cloud server are very safe and you can access videos even if camera is broken or stolen.